From the Ashes

Welcome to the future!

The Fall has long since wiped out civilization, leaving the planet’s surface a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures, and forcing the few survivors underground to live as best they could. Your community – called Lau – has endured two long centuries since the Fall, its inhabitants sheltered safely beneath the earth. Until now…

Scavengers they call you. You and the other ‘volunteers’ of the Surface Expedition Team are being sent to the surface to salvage whatever you can from the ashes – and, perhaps, to find a future for your people.

Armed only with your wits and the weapons you find, you must travel through this less-than-inviting real estate to explore the surface world – and maybe even save your community.

Stay alert! Fierce radiation storms can blow up at any time, causing all kinds of nasty mutations. And hordes of marauding monsters – from arthropods to zombies – are roaming around just waiting to make you the snack du jour.

Few have made the journey, and even fewer have survived. Can you?

You can start your adventure by reading the Campaign Background, or by diving straight into Character Creation:

Go To: Campaign Prologue
Go To: Campaign Background
Go To: Character Creation


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